NOMAD - Portable Rapid Test Reader


NOMAD is a lightweight and portable rapid test reader and the ultimate tool for the qualitative analysis of Unisensor‘s dipstick tests.   A laboratory in a small cube of only 4 cm sides. Use it on a truck or in the field. Wherever you need it!    Price is 400 EUR!!! ..

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An innovative product in the field of microbiology 2016



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Centrifuge Gerber Micro III for 8 butyrometers

Centrifuge Gerber Micro III for 8 butyrometers
Brand: Gerber Instruments AG
Product Code: Gerber Micro III
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Centrifuge Gerber Micro III for 8 butyrometers

Small centrifuge for the determination of fat in milk and dairy products acc. to Gerber.

Incl. Rotor and 8 bushing (of brass)


- Microprocessor control

 - Timer with a 4-points display (minutes, seconds), adjustable from 1-99 minutes, countdown in seconds

- Heating with 2-points display, adjustable from 0-80 ° C

- Automatic brake

- Cover lock

- Unbalance shut-off

- Emergency release

- Error message

- LED display to show brake, timer, motor, heating, error messages

- Fixed programmed speed 1280 rpm

- Power: 115/230 VAC

- Frequency: 60/50 Hz

- Warranty: 1 year

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