NOMAD - Portable Rapid Test Reader


NOMAD is a lightweight and portable rapid test reader and the ultimate tool for the qualitative analysis of Unisensor‘s dipstick tests.   A laboratory in a small cube of only 4 cm sides. Use it on a truck or in the field. Wherever you need it!    Price is 400 EUR!!! ..

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An innovative product in the field of microbiology 2016



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SystemSURE Plus

SystemSURE Plus
SystemSURE Plus SystemSURE Plus SystemSURE Plus
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Luminometer SystemSure Plus - an upgraded version with a recognized worldwide rapid test to determine the level of hygiene.
Luminometer designed for rapid (15 seconds ) monitoring the purity of the surface after sanitization , and to determine the quality of water in water treatment systems .
SystemSure Plus luminometer
Measurement time of 15 seconds
Compact ( 260g )
Memory for 2000 results
The presence of 20 test - plans ( production sites or areas studied )
Adding up to 250 checkpoints research
Ability to work with 50 users
Includes data analysis computer program SureTrend
Can generate various reports , modified schedules , transfer data to Excel
Permutation function test
The device is listed in the state register of measuring instruments
relevance of the method
Sanitary condition at the food enterprises traditionally evaluated on the results of microbiological tests . As is well known , the traditional methods have significant drawbacks :
Microbiological swabs do not determine the presence of organic impurities of animal or vegetable origin, which are favorable breeding ground for the growth and reproduction of bacteria.
The results of these techniques takes a long time and are from 2 to 7 days. Thus, in view of these shortcomings , the equipment the company launched "blindly".
Given these issues , in the middle of the 80s method was developed ATP bioluminescence , which currently stands at more than 90 % of all rapid tests for surface smoothness .
The operating principle of the luminometer
The principle of operation is based on the determination of the concentration of ATP molecules in intensity " cold light " ( bioluminescence ) . In any cell of animal or vegetable origin , as well as in cells of bacteria contains a large number of ATP molecules . For the implementation of biochemical reactions , which will result in a bioluminescent glow, you can interact with molecules of ATP luciferin -luciferase enzyme .
ATP + D- luciferin + O2 + Mg +2 -> luciferase
+ + AMP oxyluciferin FFi + CO2 + light λmax = 570 nm
The intensity of this emission is expressed in relative light units (RLU) and is indicative of varying degrees of contamination or surface water. There is a direct dependence of the degree of contamination of the emission intensity of ATP - the more molecules of ATP , the stronger the glow, the worse the result sanitation .

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