NOMAD - Portable Rapid Test Reader


NOMAD is a lightweight and portable rapid test reader and the ultimate tool for the qualitative analysis of Unisensor‘s dipstick tests.   A laboratory in a small cube of only 4 cm sides. Use it on a truck or in the field. Wherever you need it!    Price is 400 EUR!!! ..

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An innovative product in the field of microbiology 2016



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Lacto-past Biomedix

Lacto-past Biomedix
Lacto-past Biomedix Lacto-past Biomedix Lacto-past Biomedix Lacto-past Biomedix
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Lacto-past Biomedix

82001 - Fast Alkaline Phosphatase test-Results in 5''


Contenta of kit Lacto-Past Biomedix

*Reagent R1, 40ml;

*Reagent R2, 10ml;

*Reagent  R3, 5ml;


Necessary equipment (not included)

* Pipette variable volume 100-1000 µl;

* Pipette variable volume 0.5-10 µl ;

* Yellow tips;

* Blue tips;

* 100 taps for vials RIA 75*15mm;

* Vial rack;

* Urobox.




1. At the vial rack we place the vials RIA, as many as samples we want to check from the pasteurizer and number them.

2. We take with the pipette 400 ul from reagent R1 and place it in every numbered vial RIA we have prepared. After that, we change tip and add 100 ul from reagent R2. Finally, we change tip and add 10 ul from reagent R3.

3. We change tip and add 8.3 ul from the samples of milk under examination.

4. We close the vial RIA with the tap and shake for 5 second.





Result interpretation:

*Positive (+) sample of milk pasteurization.

Within 5 seconds, the color of the sample turns white. Pasteurization of milk is successful.

* Negative (-) sample of milk pasteurization.

Whithin 5 second, the color of the sample turns green-yellow. Pasteurization of milk is not successful.

Important Information:

1. For the test procedure there is no need of thermal preparation of the sample. The test works at temperatures 2-42 C.

2. The kit with the reagents must be stored at the refrigerator at the temperatures 2-8 .

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